• The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® was born in Southern California in 1963, and was built on two foundational principles, PASSION and PURPOSE. The company has been rooted in a culture of SHARING and COMMUNITY for nearly two decades in the Philippines, underlined by delivery and DISCOVERY of premium flavors & great tastes.

    When we discovered how rich and complex a good cup of coffee could be, we became driven to share that moment with our community.

    Along the way, the power of ‘good’ expanded to become a pillar of what makes 
    The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® unique. 

    Every day, our customers experience the layers of goodness that build from farm to froth. We craft every cup to celebrate that goodness, and through every action that we take, we share our goodness with our world.

    Through our sourcing, products, people, stores and contributions, we tirelessly serve the people, communities and the world at large. 

    Crafting goodness is our way of being in the world and every moment is another chance to create greater goodness.

  • Gourmet Solutions develops quality culinary experiences for food service channels. 

    From conceptualization to recipes, from sourcing the best ingredients to high standards of preparation, Gourmet Solutions is committed to delivering uncompromising quality.

    We don’t want nice.

    We want Oh. My. Goodness. Periods included.

    Blissful explosions by the mouthful. Amazingly catastrophic gastronomic experiences. Exclamations of “Where have you been all my life?!” directed at the edible creations on the table. Death by Chocolate Oblivion.

    If you had to eat one dessert for the rest of your life, we’ll wager it will be one of ours – toffee candy made with whole roasted almonds and semi-sweet chocolate, anyone?

  • “If you want to experience a fusion of Filipino, American, and continental recipes, elevated from regular comfort food to extraordinary, try Nono’s– a gastronomic journey to Chef Baba’s memorable childhood and family life.” - Philippine Primer

    “Nono’s is a personal journey into my childhood and home. As I began to dream of a restaurant and what type of food I would want to create, I was deeply drawn to, and inspired by my favorite home-cooked childhood meals and snacks.

    Comfort food is simple. It is heartwarming. It is nourishing. It is home. It is full of happy memories with loved ones. It is food we come back to again and again.

    Welcome to Nono's! I hope you enjoy the journey.” —Baba Benedicto

  • Distinto Beverage Solutions was established to provide best of class specialty coffee and tea solutions in the Philippines.

    Distinto exists to support partner hotels, resorts, restaurants, cafes, offices, and other establishments delight their customers at each and every cup.

    The company sets itself apart distinctly by providing responsive and efficient service delivery, the highest levels of reliability and customer support, and by continuously offering an outstanding range of the globe's best brands and products in the industry.

    When we say “best of class”, we mean “Take your pick from the outstanding range of the globe’s best brands and products in the industry.” By “solutions”, we mean “You matter to us, and we’re here to help you, partner.” And when we call you “partner”, we mean “We’re here to make your establishment the place customers seek out for a delightful experience.”

  • Natural Health is on a mission to develop and deliver accessible, excellent products that provide better choices for home and family care for the Filipino consumer.

  • Pacific Ark is a premium food & beverage importer-distributor that brings Asia's finest food and beverage brands across the Pacific to the West.

    Pacific Ark takes the right brands to the right partners and the right channels with a commitment to continuously develop and carry world-class products that elevates the standard of quality and taste.

    The world is flooded—drowning, even—in too much of everything and too little of anything. No wonder we’re all looking for the good stuff.

    Enter Pacific Ark. We take the country’s good stuff and distribute it around the world.

    It starts with beer (why not?) and from there, who knows? Maybe we’ll take over the world through sheer guts and a whole lot of golden, fizzy liquid. Maybe we’ll conquer with even more, and become the next young Bonaparte, but with bigger hats, less horses, and more beer.

  • The Blue Kitchen is a purveyor of artisanal homemade Philippine regional specialties and international foods, ready to serve or with minimal preparation needed. Its product profile ranges from premium bottled seafoods, frozen entrees, healthy snacks to indulgent desserts and confections.

    The Blue Kitchen specializes in artisanal homemade Philippine regional specialties and international foods, ready to serve or with minimal preparation needed. Our products are ideal for those who like to entertain, those with no time to cook, or those who simply want to enjoy wonderful meals, snacks, or desserts with home-cooked flavors and quality ingredients.

    Everything is homemade—many are old family recipes, and all are prepared in small batches with the finest, freshest, natural ingredients available, and with no preservatives. You can find everything you need for the perfect lunch or dinner, from appetizers to main course and dessert. We are also well known for preparing some of the most delightful food baskets and hampers in town.

    Our stores are located at the Power Plant Mall in Makati, Shangri-La Plaza in Mandaluyong, and Uptown Place Mall in Taguig. Drop by and be prepared to indulge your good taste in refined old favorites and new flavors.

Our Story

Established Table Group


Established CB Innovations

Began distribution of CBTL Single Serve Beverage System into HORECA channels


Launched the flagship 26th St. Bistro concept store of The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf in Net Lima, BGC

CB Innovations expanded into Modern Trade distribution.


Established Natural Health PH

Opened the 50th The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf store in the Philippines


CB Innovations grows presence of its wholesale line to over 2,000 doors


Established Pacific Ark, Received appointment as Agent of Representation of San Miguel Beer in Ontario, Canada


Launched Nono's in U.P. Town Center 

Opened the 100th The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf store in the Philippines

Established Distinto Beverage Solutions, acquired brands under the company:

  • FAEMA (Italy)
  • Ditting (Switzerland)
  • Animo (Netherlands)
  • Coffex (Australia)
  • Scotsman (USA)
  • Hamilton Beach (USA)

CB Innovation grows presence of its wholesale line to over 3,000 doors

Acquired brands under Distinto Beverage Solutions:

  •   Marco (Ireland) 
      Hoshizaki (Japan)
  •   Everpure (USA)
  •   NECTA (Italy)
  •   Cafetto (Australia)
  •   Comate (Taiwan)

Acquired The Blue Kitchen

Opened the 150th The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf store in the Philippines

Completed partnership with Southern Capital Group


The Team